Robyn Lett

Counselling Adults
Specialty Areas: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, ADHD, Stress/unhappiness, Relationship issues, Personal Growth
Robyn Lett

My clinical psychology training incorporated the science of attachment and development, cognitive-behavioural strategies, psychobiosocial bases of mental health, and empathetic, conscious client care (MSc Psychology – Walden University). Together with my strength in clinical and developmental assessment have been built upon a foundation of experience in teaching children and adolescents and further informed by a scientific research background in developmental neurobiology (PhD Neuroscience – UBC).

Robyn Lett, Registered Psychologist MSc, PhD (Neuroscience)

Registered Psychologist

When is it time to seek a therapist? There is no hard and fast rule; however, if you are having recurring worries, personal or interpersonal problems, or difficulty managing in other important areas of life, and the way through is elusive – I can help. I believe it is possible to develop constructive approaches to life challenges that foster resilience, reduce stress, and strengthen coping skills to result in a life of intention rather than reaction, that is heartfelt instead of numb, and the ability to move from confusion to self-awareness.

My areas of specialty are: Major life changes, past or current trauma, anxiety and related issues, depression and mood disruption, and other meaningful concerns. I work from a scientist-practitioner model of evidence-based practice – combining clinically-informed, culturally-sensitive, and empathetic person-centered strategies to meet adults one-on-one where they are at to develop individualized therapeutic goals. I provide a balanced, supportive, and non-judgmental safe space for my clients to approach difficult life problems, whether perceived as big or small, towards improved self-understanding, assuredness, and relief from suffering.

Although I am Canadian by family heritage, I was actually born in West Africa, and have lived in many locations across Canada, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the US. The varied cultures in the many parts of the world I have been so lucky to experience form an important part of who I am and what I feel I can offer my clients. In addition to my love of travel and exploration, I am also an artist and a pianist, a lover of literature, continual learning, and physical activity.

Above all else, I value human connection – with family, friends, acquaintances, even strangers – small daily joys that elevate the spirit and provide a richness to life, while I strive for personal improvement and a balanced life.

Robyn Lett