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Hold Me Tight

Couples Weekend Workshop

All human beings, including men, have feelings (including sadness and fear) as well as needs (such as to be connected and belong). However, many men struggle with how to experience and express such things without feeling less-than. This course is aimed at aiding men to connect with each other, understand themselves better, and be more well-rounded (or wholehearted) in their own selves as a man while not sacrificing their masculinity. A five week (1x/week) course with a potential follow-up weekend retreat afterwards.


Man Camp


Do you feel like there is more to you as a man than you’re often allowed to display? Do you wish you had closer connections to other men, but struggle to create this? Perhaps you are in your own personal exploration and growth.

Man Camp is a 2 day weekend workshop aimed at bringing men together to explore, learn, and discuss what it means to be a whole hearted man. Topics such as relationships, emotions, vulnerability, and healthy masculinity are tackled. This course is meant to help men learn about the parts of their lives that have too often not been talked about, or at least not in a helpful manner. These discussions occur in a safe, respectful manner towards all groups of people. This is meant as a safe way for men to deepen into their own experience, not to minimize any other people or groups. All men are welcome regardless of sexual orientation. Please note that while the course is called Man Camp, there is not actual camping involved, it runs during daytime hours only on both days.

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