Group Counselling

We also offer psycho-educational groups on the following topics (please note if no dates are listed beside the group then there are no scheduled upcoming groups planned at this time. Groups are available on request for small groups or retreats).

Men's Group

Becoming a whole-hearted man

Navigating healthy masculinity in today’s world can be tricky. Many men struggle with how to experience the vulnerable parts of themselves that they were taught to see as weakness. This can hinder and hurt men particularly in their connection to themselves, their communities, and others. Together, this group will focus on facilitating our journey towards becoming a more whole-hearted, healthy man.


  • Connect men in real conversations about difficult topics in new ways
  • Create a safe environment to explore complex and vulnerable ideas
  • Learn skills you may not have been taught or shown enough as a man

This is a five week in-person course, one evening per week. All five sessions should be attended. The group is facilitated by a mental health therapist.

Registration is open to persons identifying as an adult male.


  • Healthy Masculinity
  • Relationships
  • Emotions
  • Vulnerability

Future Dates TBD

Persons identifying as an adult male.

In-person at Assured Psychology. We are located at 301 14 Street NW, Calgary AB, T2N 2A1

$425.00 for a total of 5 sessions.

Group Counselling

Couples Group

Part 1: the science of love conflict

A five week (1x/week) couples group aimed at understanding and reducing the things we all do (to some extent) that are linked to divorce, and building up the things we can do that are linked to healthy, happy, stable relationships.

Couples Group

Part 2: Understanding Love & Conflict

A five week (1x/week) couples group aimed at helping couples understand their underlying patterns that lead to conflict and then to learn to avoid these unhelpful patterns they can get stuck in. Next they will then learn to use helpful ways to communicate to bring each other closer. It is recommended (but not necessary) that they attend the Part 1 Couples Group prior.
Group Counselling
Group Counselling

Happiness Group

the Science of Happiness & Fulfillment

A new field, named positive psychology, has recently emerged and provided many exciting findings and information about the age-old question: how can we be happy? This group focused on sharing and exploring these findings in a group setting. This includes discussion and exercises. A five week (1x/week) course. Also available in modified content to corporations or presentations.

Relationship Course

Part 1 & 2: Knowing Love

This is an in-depth course for both couples and individuals interested in learning the knowledge, skills and patterns that will improve their romantic relationships. The information and practices in this course are grounded in scientific research and clinical best-practices.

If you think your relationship could use some help, we are here for you.

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