Dave Ponak

Counselling Adults & Couples
Specialty Areas: Anxiety, Depression, Men’s issues, Relationship issues, General stress/unhappiness, Self-Esteem
David Ponak

I believe the most important thing I can do for clients is to provide a comfortable, non-judgemental space where they can relax and be who they are. In addition to proficiency in a variety of techniques, I regularly solicit client feedback to ensure that I am meeting their needs and expectations.

Dave Ponak, MC, Registered Psychologist

Registered Psychologist

In 2008, I began working in mental health and immediately knew it was the right career for me. I began working in group homes, then schools, followed by a non-profit counselling agency. I’ve provided therapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups of all ages and from all walks of life. Working in this field since my early 20s, it has been a privilege and a joy to help people improve their mental health and live happier, more satisfying lives.

While I have been fortunate to find a career that provides my life with ample meaning, outside of work I also feel very lucky.

My partner (colleague at Assured Psychology, Davita Mann), dog, and I live in the inner city. We spend much of our free time exploring nearby parks and coffee shops. With my close circle of friends, I love to play board and card games and escape to the mountains whenever possible. When I’m enjoying my own company, there’s nothing I love more than playing squash. When my body needs a rest, I enjoy biking and reading. Striving to find balance in my own life has helped me appreciate the common struggle we all have; to live better tomorrow than we did today.

While I bring substantial experience to the therapeutic relationship, it is the client who is an expert on their own life. I’m continually amazed by people’s capacity to learn about themselves, grow, change, and affect change on their environment. In my practice, I endeavour to provide conditions that facilitate this opportunity for healing.

David Ponak